Super Hammy Tips and Tricks!

Here are some additional tips for Super Hammy:

  1. Use the accelerometer when in Super Mode
  2. The longer you play without being hit by the car the easier it is to reach Super Mode
  3. You get HUGE points for smashing and leaping multiple cars.
  4.  The flashing acorns during Super Mode give you 5 more seconds of flight time.
  5.  The moving curtain has 3 different positions… the last position makes the game REAL hard!
  6. You get a lot of points for eating acorns and it goes directly to your score so if you want to be at the top of leaderboards get them all!
  7. Touching the jump button will calibrate the accelerometer.
  8. You can run on top of or under the bus.
  9. Running under the bus is exceptionally hard but you will get huge points for risking it.

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